Latest Cubs Injury Comes at “Perfect” Time

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Tonight, Ryan Sweeney is playing in his third rehab game with the Kane County Cougars, which will likely be his last one. Going into the game, the big question was who would be removed from the 25 man roster in order to make room for him.

One of the obvious answers would have been an outfielder, who most likely would have been Chris Coghlan. Being the extra outfielder, along with Justin Ruggiano, he made the most sense. Replace one outfielder with another is a common sense move, especially when you already have five people playing the outfield, even though Emilio Bonifacio is also a second baseman. The Cubs also could have sent down a pitcher to make room for Sweeney, thus making Bonifacio the every day second baseman now that they had a full outfield again. However, all that changed in the top of the first inning.

Leading off the game, Bonifacio made an awkward swing and went down like a ton of bricks. The Cubs lead off man broke and needed assistance to leave the field. This does not look good for Bonifacio, and he is likely headed for a stint of the disabled list. That would make the Cubs decision much easier. Bonifacio goes on the disabled list, and Sweeney comes off. No one has to be sent down to make room for him. While speculation ranged from a knee injury to an oblique, the verdict is a rib injury.

This is a huge blow for the Cubs, as Bonifacio was actually playing very well for the Cubs. He filled a big void for them in the lead off spot, and did an admirable job. While the Cubs plan on re-evaluating Bonifacio, they might play things cautiously and put him on the Disabled List to play things safe. This move would also give them the time to decide who is most valuable to the team, and who they can live without. News on what roster moves will be made will likely come down tomorrow. UPDATE: It appears as though the decision has already been made to activate Sweeney tomorrow. Likely means they have already decided to put Bonifacio on the Disabled List.

UPDATE 6/13 2:30 PM: Anno gets a cookie!


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