Happy Father’s Day

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On Saturday, I did a couple things.

Since I work at a high school, and this being the end of the school year when students are done and it’s time for the seniors to graduate, I went downtown to the opera house to attend the commencement ceremonies as one of their teachers.  It was a wonderful experience and I was happy to see so many proud and ecstatic students and family members in attendance.

CatchI also have a nine-year-old son who is out of school now; he just finished the third grade with pretty good marks and is excited to advance to the fourth grade this fall.  He had a ceremony today for Cub Scouts where he received his Bear badge and will start working towards his Webelos rank next year.  I was unable to be there for the first part of the ceremony since I had to be downtown for the graduation, but I did come back in time to see him with his new goodies and to partake in the potluck dinner (yay food).

I don’t really have a deep point with this post.  It’s just another Saturday, except I got to spend it with some students that I helped mentor in some way as a teacher, and then with my son, whom I try to mentor as best as I can.  Both jobs are important and challenging, and at the end of the road both jobs can be rewarding.  It’s important to mentor strong and virtuous young men so they can become good citizens in the future, especially with my son (for selfish reasons, I suppose, but you gotta look out for your own).  And if they’re taught right, they will become good fathers themselves.  Pay it forward.

Not everybody has a kid of their own, but everyone can be a father figure, be it as a coach, a teacher, a volunteer, a big brother or an uncle.  In some cases it doesn’t even need to be a man, as there are lots of single moms out there doing the job of two people.  These efforts should be celebrated, because again, they are important to ensuring the success of our future generations.

As we pass on into Sunday, Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, single moms, teachers, and other father figures out there.  We should celebrate these folks every day, but on this special day, enjoy yourselves and your families.  And here’s hoping the Cubs actually win to put the icing on the cake.

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