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The Cubs just defeated the Marlins in Miami after 13 grueling innings.  Aside from the obvious recent run of dominance against the National League East, the way the Cubs ultimately triumphed was due to Travis Wood being a badass:

Note also in the video that Junior Lake is running all the way, so much so that his helmet falls off!

Travis Wood, man among boys.  (J. Pat Carter, AP)
Travis Wood, man among boys. (J. Pat Carter, AP)

We should take a second to look at some goofy numbers by Mr. Wood here…

  • Wood’s current batting line is .276/.323/.552, so it’s almost like having Andre Dawson hit in the pitcher’s spot.
  • Wood is slashing better (small sample size alert) than every regular outfielder on the active roster right now.
  • The only regular player slashing better than Wood right now is Anthony Rizzo.

Makes you wonder if Travis Wood can play the outfield every now and then (either before or after he throws on his bullpen day) and maybe bat fifth.

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