Kris Bryant Goes to Iowa

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Remember when Cubs fans were flipping out because Kris Bryant was wasting away in Tennessee?  Well, looks like the Cubs had a plan all along

There’s this:


And then there’s this…

Any excuse to use this picture... #dreamy
Any excuse to use this picture… #dreamy

It would seem that a half-season of humiliating opposing pitchers and destroying countless baseballs has earned Kris Bryant the rapid promotion most fans have been clamoring for, and it’s not like he doesn’t deserve it.  While the infield in Des Moines seems crowded for now, a cursory glance at the stats suggests that Bryant won’t have much problem finding everyday playing time.  I believe the Cubs will keep him at third base as long as possible, which means he will be spelling the regular third baseman, Christian Villanueva (who has been scuffling a bit).  Whenever the Cubs start trading the entire MLB roster away, there will be some space made to call up (maybe) Villanueva, Logan Watkins and possibly Josh Vitters.  Javier Baez is entrenched at shortstop for now and Arismendy Alcantara is hanging out at second so that won’t be an issue for Bryant’s playing time either.  If for whatever reason Bryant shows he can’t hack it at third or they just need to play Villanueva etc., the I-Cubs can always try Bryant in the outfield, where many pundits figure he’s going to end up anyway.  Personally I’d rather he stick around at third base, but if the bat is as awesome as it’s shown so far, Bryant can play wherever they find room for him.

This is an exciting time for Cubs fans as two of the best prospects in the system are now batting in the middle of the Iowa lineup and are THIS close to someday breaking windows across Waveland Avenue.  It was really nice of the Cubs to let Bryant win the Southern League Home Run Derby and play in their All-Star Game before sending him off on a high note.  Let’s see what he does against Triple-A pitching; don’t be surprised if he struggles at first, but then again, don’t be surprised if he makes the Pacific Coast League his bitch either.

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