So This Happened

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Yesterday, we shared the news about the Chicago Cuba making roster moves, which included the promotion of Kris Bryant to Triple A.

However, the conversation took a quite unexpected turn.





I get that there are more important things in life than baseball, that is obvious. With the way the Cubs have played this year, you could even argue that they are an afterthought. But this was ridiculous. We all need a diversion, no matter how insignificant. No matter, thanks for the entertainment Kurt!

UPDATE: Kurt came back




6 Replies to “So This Happened”

  1. Well how did I miss this one? Wow. Sports talk on a sports page. Really, Rice, Anno, Ivy. Please concentrate on the situation in Iraq right now. Much more important than what is going on with the Cubs!

    • I guess that on a sports page we need to write up critiques on the sitting president and how he is making the world better or worse….. go figure

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