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Every now and then, we will tackle a subject that isn’t solely focused on the Chicago Cubs, and today is one of those times. Although, there is still a Cubs spin as this was also brought up with Jeff Samardzija who recently turned down a contract offer worth $17 Million a year for five years. However, that was not what started the discussion today. That was, in fact, news about Chicago Blackhawks stars Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews contracts which might pay them between $10-12 Million a year.

The discussion revolved around how much the two players would make, with the thought being that they were going to be paid vastly more than they should because that was far too much to be paid to play a game. The reason the players in all sports make as much as they are is because someone is willing to pay them that much. If no one was willing to pay a player that much to play a game, they would not get that much money.

20140626-112400-41040796.jpgThe thought was followed by the idea that if the players were not making so much money, then the teams could lower their ticket prices so that the fans might actually be able to afford to go to a game. While that is true a team needs to make a lot of money (mainly from ticket sales), I am afraid that this idea is a little backward.

Why the tickets are so expensive in all sports is simple business. Teams will continue to raise ticket prices until the fans stop going. They will continue to raise prices until their bottom line is affected. Whether fans like the high prices or not does not matter as long as tickets continue to sell. Once they stop selling, the prices will then come down. For now though, fans continue to buy tickets and the owners make a lot of money.

This is not something that has gone unnoticed by the players. They see the owners making a lot of money and they want their fair share. They want as big if a slice of the pie as they can get. While the players “may not be worth that much money” (and to be honest who is?), they do deserve to make every penny they are paid by these owners. They are the ones who get fans coming out to the games and buying their expensive tickets.

No one in their right mind would settle for anything less than what is the most they can get.

Sure, this is a kids game and seeing the participants making millions of dollars a year is amazing. But this is also a business. The teams are in this for as much money as they can make, (hence the high ticket prices fans willingly pay for) and the kids game is also a business for the athletes.

As long as fans continue to pay the high ticket prices, there is no reason for the teams to lower what they are asking. The higher the ticket prices are, the higher the salaries are going to be.

If you want to blame someone for the high dollar contracts, where to place the blame is easy.

Don’t blame the players, they just want their fair share. Don’t blame the teams trying to earn as much as they can off ticket sales. Blame the fans for paying for the high priced tickets or for the cable sports packages. If they stopped paying for them, the teams would lower their prices. That would result in less money for them to spend on players and then, eventually, lower contract dollars.

Congrats. You are part of the problem.

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