Courts to Rooftop Owners: Suck it Up Buttercup

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blogToday, the first round of the legal battle between the rooftops owners and the Chicago Cubs was decided. Technically, their lawsuit was not against the Cubs themselves, but filed a defamation lawsuit against sports consultant Marc Ganis.

If you need reminding of what Ganis said back in January allow me to remind you. On speaking of the proposed Wrigley Renovations Ganis said:

“Protecting carpetbaggers stealing the product paid for by others for their own profit and, thereby, stopping a
$300million investment, 2,000 permanent jobs and 800 construction jobs along with tens of million of new city taxes. As a taxpayer in Chicago, one has to hope Mayor Emanuel talks some sense into Ald. Tunney for the good of the city.”

Today, Cook County Circuit Court Judge William E. Gomolinski threw out the rooftops lawsuit and ruled that Ganis’ statements “were constitutionally protected free expression and that they did not damage owners’ ability to do business”.

Gomonlinski defended Ganis’ comments basically by saying everything is in how his words are interpreted. While Ganis may have had malicious intent behind his words, interpretation is the key, and that was what the judge took into full consideration when making his decision to throw the case out of court.

While this is a minor loss for the rooftop owners (one they probably expected to lose), they had a purpose behind filing their claim again Ganis. They wanted to show Tom Ricketts that they are not afraid to get their hands dirty and were willing to take it to the mattresses. They are ready for the bigger legal battle that is on the horizon.

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