Tom Ricketts Expecting a Landmark Victory

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In just over one week, Tom Ricketts will take his revised plan for the long anticipated Wrigley Field Expansion and renovation to the Commission on Chicago Landmarks. Hopefully this will be the last time Ricketts and the Chicago Cubs have to go through this process, because the fans of the boys in Cubbie Blue have been hearing about these plans for Wrigley Field for several years, and the fans are not the only ones sick and tired of hearing about what Rickettts intends to do to improve Wrigley Field, the players are tired of hearing about the plans as well.

Fortunately, Ricketts is very confident that the Landmarks Commission will approve the updated plans which will allow him to finally start doing what he has been promising for the past few years, bring Wrigley into the 21st century.

Getting approval by the Landmarks Commission will be the Cubs “second victory” in this seemingly never ending battle with the rooftops who just yesterday had their defamation lawsuit thrown out of court. While that was a minor victory for the Cubs, which was not even a victory for the Cubs themselves, that is a good sign for them for things to come. After all, if the Cubs are able to win approval from the Landmarks Commission, the next hurdle they will need to get over will be the highly anticipated lawsuit filed by the rooftops against the Cubs for “blocking their views” of the game the are selling tickets to view across the street.

What exactly happens with that lawsuit, and how long things remain in court is anyone’s guess. Though with Ricketts saying that he does not want to lose another year to begin fulfilling his promise, you have to imagine the case will be settled before the end of the season at the very latest. Whether that is due to the courts throwing the rooftops case out of court, the rooftops dropping their suit or Ricketts paying them to go away, you have to imagine things ending before the last game in played in September.

In all likelyhood, the rooftops will eventually wind up dropping their lawsuit against Ricketts and the Cubs to avoid high legal fees, and come out looking like the dog who just peed in the corner. From all previous accounts, the Cubs have the advantage in this case. While blogthings may not be a slam dunk victory you have to imagine Michael Jordan has the ball with seconds left in the game. There is a pretty good chance that he is going to do something incredible to put the game in the win column. The Cubs know this, the rooftops know this and Alderman Tom Tunney knows this. All the rooftops are going to accomplish, is pissing off the city for wasting their time with a legal battle.

The worst case scenario in my opinion is the rooftops owners waiting to submit their lawsuit until the Cubs officially break ground after game 162. That likely delays their plans temporarily before one of the previous three outcomes comes to fruition. Either way, Ricketts fully expects to be one step closer to starting what fans and players alike have been waiting years for. Not winning a World Series, but having a Major League quality ballpark.

With Ricketts basically saying he will be starting renovations this off season, he is once again daring the rooftop owners to get off their asses and sue them already. The questions are, will they actually have the courage to follow through with their threat of a lawsuit, and will they be tough enough to see things through til the bitter end.

I highly doubt the answer to both those questions will be yes.

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