Rooftops Preparing to Tuck Tail and Run

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The rooftop owners must really be worried about their chances of winning a legal battle with the Chicago Cubs. After having their defamation lawsuit thrown out of court, and Tom Ricketts boasting his confidence that his revised Wrigley Renovation plans will be approved by the Chicago Landmark Committee which officially has them scheduled, they seem to be tucking their tails between their legs and running away. Earlier today the rooftop owners promised not to sue the Cubs if they returned to their initial plan of only adding two signs to the outfield instead of the eight they are planning now.

With the rooftops now willing to “play nice” and allow the Cubs to do what they want with their product (or at least what they originally wanted to do) there is one question. Should Ricketts go back to being the “good neighbor” and work with the rooftop association, or should be go balls out and go for everything that he wants, which is included in his newly revised plans? Personally, I say go balls out and take everything you can get. Screw the rooftop owners and their businesses. They have been profiting off of the Cubs product for 30 some years while only being allowed to do so legally for the past 10. They have been a thorn in the Cubs side since the first day talk of the renovations started.

They said that the Cubs should renovate Wrigley, just as long as it did not interrupt them from making money. Ricketts tried time and time again to work with the rooftops, and time and time again they rebuffed him and rejected his compromises. The rooftop owners wanted everything, and now they probably know that they have no shot of winning in court. Why else would they suddenly be willing to work with the Cubs and accept their original plan? The original plan did not suddenly change, nor did the views the rooftops would have after those two signs were put in place. Why are they suddenly willing to accept their views being blocked?

blogThe rooftop owners and the Cubs have been playing a game of chicken the last several years, and the rooftops blinked first. They know full well that the deck is stacked against them, and they do not want their views blocked as much as they will be with the new plans. Knowing the signs are coming, they threw a Hail Mary hoping that Ricketts will revert back to the original plans to avoid a lawsuit.

But my question is, if the rooftops truly thought they were in the right and would defeat the Cubs in a court battle, why even offer this? Why not just go for the jugular and keep the Cubs from building anything?

The answer is simple. They know the contract just as well as the Cubs do, and they know the wording works in the Cubs favor. This is their last ditch effort to avoid a legal battle that they do not want, because they know they would lose. They know that if this does indeed go to court, they will end up with egg on their faces and in more debt than they can handle.

They are still dangling the threat of a lawsuit, but offering up a compromise to avoid one. In my opinion, they showed their hand and they turned out to be bluffing from day one. There will not be anything more than the threat of a lawsuit.

Do what you want Tommy. The roofies’ balls have not dropped. They are mere boys playing a man’s game.

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