Cubs and Athletics Complete Samardzija, Hammel Trade to A’s

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Ken Rosenthal dropped a pretty big piece of information about an hour ago…

What makes these talks interesting is that the prospect of both Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel have been talked about as being a part of the trade.  And as of moments ago…

Obviously, this remains quite fluid.  It is clear, though, that the A’s don’t have a strong farm system, so the prospect of major league pieces being added or another team being added remains a distinct possibility.

And now we seem to know for sure…

Update 1:

In some ways, that’s encouraging because of Arismendy’s performance.  But that does not rule out the possibility that he may be included in a deal tonight or this summer.

Update 2:

Ken Rosenthal just tweeted..

We will have to wait to find out the other names involved, as there are sure to be others, but this looks to be the biggest trade of the Epstein/ Hoyer era.

 Update 3:

This is a massive deal for the Cubs.  Addison Russell almost immediately becomes the top prospect in the Cubs system.  Dan Straily is also a strong addition to the rotation.  For my money, however, the player to be named later will need to be somebody of significance.  Billy McKinney is a nice acquisition, but to be perfectly honest, I cannot see him cracking the top ten prospects in the Cubs system after being ranked #2 by and #5 by Baseball Prospectus in the A’s system.

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