Frustration Boils Over

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Reactions continue to come in and there are times that even I am surprised at the things that I have seen. Chicago Cub fans are so upset over the trade of Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel (though more Samardzija) that I am seeing things that I can honestly say I was not expecting to see; at least not from Cub fans.

I can fully understand not liking the plan that Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer put out to turn the Cubs into a constant contender. I can also fully understand fans getting frustrated with the trading away of the pitching the Cubs have signed the past few years who have had success like Paul Maholm and Scott Feldman and this year Hammel. They see the Cubs getting lightning in a bottle and want to ride things out until the bottle rocket either soars to new heights or fizzles out. I can even see getting frustrated when you find a home grown gem like Samardzija only to see him traded away when he does not want to settle for a reasonable and respectable offer. Do not even get me started on all of the losing.

I get why fans are getting frustrated and depressed with what is going on with the Cubs these past few years. I know why fans are not happy and wish they could push the fast forward button so that we could stop the pain and move on to the promise land of the promised yearly playoff contention. But there is one thing that I will never understand, and that is how some fans can take their disappointment and anger to unreasonable and unacceptable levels.

Today, I witnessed something I never thought I would out of true Cub fans, and that is rooting against the Cubs. Not rooting against them in terms of hoping they get a high draft pick in order to get a top prospect, but hoping that the plan of Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer fails.

What kind of a fan actually hopes their organization fails just so they can stand up, pound their chest and say that they were right?

I understand that there are fans who do not believe in building the farm to have sustained success who would rather empty the pocket book year after year. Some fans do not believe in the rebuild, they do not think that a big market team should ever rebuild. Throw money at a problem and let the future worry about the future. Throw more money at the next problem, and things are easy.

In a perfect world, where money is limitless, go ahead and do that. But when money does have an end, and you want to have true depth, you cannot spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year to put a band-aid on every problem you have. Eventually that problem is going to spring a leak and you are left with a high payroll team that struggles to win. The Cubs have been there numerous times. They have put the multi-million dollar band-aid on their issue and have not made a World Series. The Cubs have tried that and have failed. The time has come for a new plan, whether you like the idea or not, whether you want to accept the plan or not, you have to deal with the fact that the plan is in motion and all the bellyaching in the world will not stop the plan from.

Rooting for the plan to fail because you are not happy with the moves the Cubs are makingfrustration is not the way to go. You should want this plan to succeed, not root against things. Even if you do not like the plan, rooting against things working is setting the franchise back even farther than you think they are already setback due to your thoughts about how poor the plan is. If anything, you should be hoping  the plan works so the plan will come to an end.

Even if you do not like Epstein or Hoyer, even if you hate the plan, do not think the plan is working or will work, rooting against the plan is just foolish. Rooting against the plan and the team to see someone get fired sets your team back a long long way. If the plan fails, you just saw five years wasted, add in another several years to build a new team because you cannot build a contender in one year.

Embrace the plan, accept the plan. Even if you do not like things as they are, hoping things fail makes absolutely no sense. Feel free to hate things, but you should be hoping the plan works so the Cubs stop trading away the talent you just cannot seem to live without.

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2 Replies to “Frustration Boils Over”

  1. I am extremely frustrated as a Season Ticket Holder. It is even more frustrating when you see someone like Jesse Rogers tweet that this season doesn’t matter. Why not try and win 83 games? It worked for the 06 Cardinals. It is disrespectful to the fans to quit on the season every year. It seems to be that those praising these trades are not the ones plunking down their hard earned money to keep their Season Tickets. It’s easy to admire the plan with no skin in the game. It stinks for those of us who do.

    • With all due respect, the 2006 Cardinals didn’t have to play in a division that had four teams currently above .500 and as clearly equipped to contend. The Cubs would be cellar-dwellers against their other four division rivals.

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