All-Star Selection Sunday Results

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You can follow along the names as they are revealed here.  For the American League:

The fan-selected American League starting lineup is:

C Matt Wieters (injured, so he’ll be replaced by Salvador Perez)
1B Miguel Cabrera
2B Robinson Cano
3B Josh Donaldson
SS Derek Jeter (of course, but y’know, he kinda deserves the fanfare I guess)
OF Jose Bautista, Mike Trout, Adam Jones
DH Nelson Cruz (what PEDs?)

The AL pitching staff is:

Keep in mind that a guy who pitches on Sunday (and possibly Saturday) will be ineligible to pitch due to fatigue/injury risk so they may be replaced.

Here’s the National League starting lineup:

Voted in:

C Yadier Molina
1B Paul Goldschmidt
2B Chase Utley
3B Aramis Ramirez (that’s funny, he was injured half the time)
SS Troy Tulowitzki
OF Andrew McCutchen, Yasiel Puig, Carlos Gomez

The NL pitchers, and ain’t this a kick in the ass for Jeff Samardzija:


Apparently Samardzija can hang out at the ASG but he won’t be able to pitch, which is probably okay for him anyway since he could use the rest.

Now here are the reserves.  For the AL:


So that’s Jose Abreu, Alexei Ramirez, Jose Altuve, Adrian Beltre, Michael Brantley, Yoenis Cespedes, Edwin Encarnacion, Alex Gordon, Brandon Moss, Derek Norris, Kurt Suzuki, and Victor Martinez. For the National Leaguers:  

We also have Jonathan Lucroy, Devin Mesoraco (both of whom should probably start over Yadi as much as I love the guy), Freddie Freeman, Dee Gordon, Daniel Murphy, Todd Frazier, Matt Carpenter, Josh Harrison, Charlie Blackmon, Hunter Pence and Giancarlo Stanton.

This would be the third All-Star nod for Castro by age 24, and it sounds like Anthony Rizzo will be on the Final Vote, check it out:

Final vote candidates are:

AL: Chris Sale, Corey Kluber, Rick Porcello, Garrett Richards, Dallas Keuchel

NL: Anthony Rizzo, Anthony Rendon, Casey McGehee, Justin Morneau, Justin Upton

You can vote for Rizzo now to give Starlin a buddy.

Have at it, kids.

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