#VoteRizzo to help Starlin Castro have a buddy at the All-Star Game!

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(Charles Rex Arbogast, AP)
(Charles Rex Arbogast, AP)

As you know, the All-Star rosters have been released (pending injury and pitcher replacements), and we saw that Starlin Castro is the only Cubs player eligible to actually play in the game for the time being.  Jeff Samardzija also was picked as an All-Star, but because of the trade to the Oakland A’s, the league switch makes him ineligible to play (but he still gets a jersey and hat).

A noticeable snub is Anthony Rizzo.  Now we can be really objective here and say that Rizzo isn’t the clearly best player out of the Final Vote guys in the National League.  Anthony Rendon has accumulated more Fangraphs WAR, and Rizzo himself is tied with Atlanta’s Justin Upton.  But since we’re a Cubs blog and the All-Star Game is far from objective (how do you explain Aramis Ramirez, awesome as he is to us Cubs fans, making it on the starting lineup after being out half the season?), we’re going to try to vote Rizzo in to give Starlin a buddy in Minnesota.

So here’s how we do it.  There a few ways you can spam the crap out of the vote (and we’ll disregard the part where people are allowed to vote more than once):

  1. Go to the Final Vote page here and vote for Rizzo directly, along with the American League representative (I will recommend Chris Sale even if the Cubs have partnered with the Detroit Tigers to push for Rick Porcello);
  2. Text “N4” to 89269, text charges apply blah blah blah…
  3. Tweet as much as possible using the #VoteRizzo hashtag between 10 AM and 4 PM Eastern on Thursday (that’s 9 AM to 3 PM Central).  The hashtag doesn’t really count until that time period, but hey, might as well get some practice in.

And here’s hoping that Troy Tulowitzki picks Rizzo for the Home Run Derby, also announced sometime Thursday.  Get to it, Cubs fans!

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