Time to Celebrate All Things Rizzo

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Today is a great day in Chicago, and for the fans of the Chicago Cubs. Especially for Anthony Rizzo who today was elected to the All Star game for the first time in his career after he won the Final Vote competition! According to reports, not only did Rizzo lead all National League opponents in votes, but he also beat all American League players in the Final Vote as well, recording a record 8.8 Million votes, thanks in part to Twitter blowing up for six hours with the #VoteRizzo campaign that drove everyone crazy; though I do not think you will hear many Cub fans complain about seeing nothing but that hashtag for a good six hours.

When the Cubs traded Andrew Cashner to the San Diego Padres, there was of course a lot of hype surrounding his arrival, even if he did come at the cost of Cashner who might actually be the “ace” pitcher the Cubs have been seeking for years. He had a great rookie year with the Cubs, which got fans excited. Unfortunately, he followed that up with a “sophomore slump” of a year which had some fans grumbling about the trade they once loved. But now, in 2014, Rizzo looks to be the dominant force the Cubs and fans were expecting when they traded for him.

Well, today, things could not look brighter for the Cubs future with Rizzo manning first base for the foreseeable future. Today, we can officially call Rizzo an All Star, as he (along with Starlin Castro) will be on the 2014 National League All Star team. A proud day for him, the Cubs, Chicago and all their fans.2014-mlb-all-star-game-logo

Going into today, Rizzo is tied for sixth place in all of baseball with 20 home runs, which is good enough to be tied for second in the National League. In terms of first baseman, he is third best in all of baseball, but he has the most in the National League. He has the 10th most RBI in all of baseball for first baseman, but is fifth in the National League. You want WAR? He is fifth best in all of baseball, but second most in the National League.

Yes Cub fans, Rizzo looks to be the real deal, and I have no doubts that this All Star game will only be the first of many to come.

There is a lot of big news coming out of today. The Cubs had a big win over the Cincinnati Reds in 12 innings, which came with Arismendy Alcantara’s big four hit game; which helped earn Alcantara an extended stay in the Majors. The Cubs also had a big win over the rooftops in the court of the Landmarks Council. With all those incredible victories today, we did not want to see Rizzo’s big day get overshadowed. We wanted to make sure he got the recognition that he truly deserved!

Congratulations Rizzo. From little league to All Star. This is an honor you truly deserved!

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