Your All Time Chicago Cubs Team

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With this being the All Star break for Major League Baseball, and there being no real baseball for fans of the Chicago Cubs to enjoy until at least Friday. The Cubs, of course, have two All Stars playing on the team in Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo who are core members of the team’s future. I am excited to watch them on the big stage against some of the best talent the Major Leagues have to offer.

While both Castro and Rizzo are the two best players currently on the roster (sorry Arismendy Alcantara fans, too small of a sample size), I do not think they would even come close to making the All time Cubs roster. Not because they are not good, just because they do not measure up in the long run to some of the greatest players in Cubs history.

Here is the best team the Cubs could field, in my opinion. Feel free to disagree and give me your own team.Then and now

At Catcher, none other than the man who hit the second most famous home run in Wrigley Field history, the “Homer in the Gloamin” Gabby Hartnett. While there have been some truly fantastic catchers in Cubs history, I think Harrnett takes the cake.

This choice might  make some people cringe, but I think the best choice for first base would be Cap Anson. Sure, he was a massive racist and an all around jerk, but he was one hell of a player. For all you advanced metric fans out there, Anson leads the pack, and honestly the contest is not all that close.

At second base, the choice is easy. In my opinion he is not only the greatest second baseman in Cubs history, but he is arguably one of the greatest in baseball history. There can be no other choice than Ryne Sandberg.

Shortstop is another given. How can you have anyone but the great Ernie Banks at short? While he transitioned from shortstop to first base later in his career, he was still a stellar shortstop, and I want him there for my team.

The hot corner is another easy choice, Ron Santo. He was well loved by fans and had a hell of a career. The Cubs retired his number because of his greatness both on the field and off. There is no one better to man the bad at third than good old number 10.

The outfield for the Cubs is jammed, but I have been able to narrow things down to Andre Dawson in right, Hack Wilson in center and Sweet Swinging Billy Williams in left field. These three might have been the three greatest outfielders the Cubs ever had in pinstripes.

A notable name that is missing from the outfield is Slamming Sammy Sosa. Reason being, out of the four I think he is the lesser defender; that is why he is my designated hitter. In the All Star game, there are no more pitchers hitting for themselves, so there is a DH in my All Time team, you are just going to have to deal with that. He was a great bat (with or without the performance enhancing drugs) and I would love for his bat to be in my lineup.

The bench would consist of backup catcher Randy Hundley, Stan HackRogers Hornsby, King Kelly and Jimmy Ryan. Some pretty good bats coming off the bench if you ask me.

The Lineup was tough to put together. This is the best we could figure out. (Feel free to put together a better lineup with these nine men)

1. Anson

2. Santo

3. Banks

4. Sosa

5. Wilson

6. Williams

7. Dawson

8. Sandberg

9. Hartnett

The starting pitching staff is also fairlyeasy to figure out.

You start with Greg Maddux. Even though he made his career with the Atlanta Braves, he still has the Cubs on his resume and he is easily one of the greatest pitchers to ever wear Cubbie Blue.

Fergie Jenkins as your number two pitcher? Yes please. Another Cubs legend and another Hall of Fame pitcher would be great backing up Jenkins. Would you not agree?

Taking up the third spot would be none other than “Three Finger” Mordecai Brown. He did more with three fingers than most did with five… or in one case six.

“Grover Cleveland” Pete Alexander as the fourth man in the rotation would be great. In most rotations, he would be the ace pitcher, on the All Time Cubs roster though, he comes in as the fourth.

Rounding out the rotation, is El Torro Loco himself, Carlos Zambrano. Say what you will about him, he was one hell of a pitcher, and is considered one of the best in Cubs history. No matter how things ended with him and the team, I would have no problem with him on my pitching staff, especially not as the fifth starter.

The Bullpen is where things can get a little dicey because I know someone will complain how I left someone out who deserves to be in. But I think that I have put together the best bullpen Cubs history could hold!

As closer, there is no other choice than the great Bruce Sutter. Great closer for the Cubs, and later for the Cardinals, no one in Cubs history can be seen as a better closer.

Setting up for Sutter is the one man who some might say is a better closer, Lee Smith. Whoever closes for this Cubs team, would be a sure save.

Along with Sutter and Smith, I see Rod Beck, Randy MyersCarlos Marmol (yes, Carlos Marmol. When he was actually good, he was filthy) and the final spot would go to “Wild Thing” Mitch Williams.

There you have it guys. These are the 25 men I would put onto this roster. Think you can build a better team? Be my guest!

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3 Replies to “Your All Time Chicago Cubs Team”

  1. Cap Anson over Mark Grace?! Are you serious?! Cap Anson was a rookie in 1871 – 43 years before Babe Ruth! You took a player from 1871 (that no living person has ever seen play) over a modern All-Star/borderline Hall of Famer like Grace? What legends did Cap Anson play against? Cap Anson batted against pitchers who often threw 250+ pitches a game and pitched with little rest in between starts. Cap Anson never faced the quality of pitching Grace did and never faced a specialty pitcher out of the pen… they didn’t even throw most of the pitches they have today back then! Also, Cap Anson played against lesser overall talent aka whites only baseball… no hispanic, asian or black players. What was the point of putting Cap Anson on this list? It’s not Cap’s fault that he never faced the superior talent of the modern age but it’s ridiculous to put a player from 1871 on this list.

    • You make valid points on the absence of Mark Grace, but I chose Anson because of his standing in Cubs history. While he did play against a watered down league that did not feature blacks or Latin or Asian players (neither did Ruth for that matter) he dominated the game at his time. While he was a rookie nearly 40 years before Ruth played the game, he kind of was the Ruth of his time. He was heads and shoulders against everyone else to ever play the game.

      Anson played in a time where it was just a game, and not so much the business it is today, but according to every advanced statistic available to us, he is by far the greatest Cubs player to ever play the game. He might not have had the power numbers for that honor, but from all we know about him, he was one hell of a player.

      Grace was too, most hits in the 90s and all, but to be honest, if there was a better option at short stop, Banks would have been at first base leaving Grace off completely anyway.

      This is not a slap in the face for Grace, but I just felt that despite his standing in a time he could not control, he was a dominant player of his age and I could not justify leaving him off the roster, even if he did play 100 years ago, with no living person ever seeing him play.

      • Anno Catuli, I agree with most of your roster. I like the fact that you chose Cap Anson and I agree that he is the greatest Chicago Cub position player ever, racism not withstanding. However, you state that if there were a better option at Shortstop, you would have placed Banks at first. So where does that leave Anson? Also, I would bat Anson fifth, given his propensity to drive in runs. Heck, he drove in 100 in 394 at bats at the age of 42! My lineup would be Sandberg, Dawson, Banks, Sosa, Anson, Wilson, Williams, Santo and Hartnett. This is really tough since there are so many RBI guys here. Also, although Greg Maddux is one of the all-time greats, he had his best years with Atlanta. So you may want to consider Big Ed Ruelbach for a spot.

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