Cardinals Directly Responsible For the National League’s Demise

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Minor news first, about Emilio Bonifacio:


Come back soon Emilio!

In the meantime, I don’t know if you forgot, but the National League lost to the American League in the 2014 All-Star Game, 5-3.

Leaving aside the whole Adam Wainwright verbal diarrhea fiasco that I think was overblown anyway, you don’t have to look much past the box score to see who was directly responsible for this loss.

Wainwright and his friend, reliever Pat Neshek, are of course representatives of the St. Louis Cardinals.  Yadier Molina was injured and was replaced in the starting lineup by Milwaukee’s Jonathan Lucroy (a good decision!), and third baseman Matt Carpenter didn’t end up player for Mike Matheny‘s NL squad.  I’ll give you a few seconds to check out who gave up all the runs to the American Leaguers.



And I know Cardinals fans are all mad and huffy about it, but don’t worry, Redbird faithful.  The Cubs didn’t do as well as I thought they would, but hey, they didn’t play as much.  Ha!  But seriously, who pinch-hits for Giancarlo Stanton with Anthony Rizzo (awesome as he is) against a dominant lefty like Sean Doolittle?  Feh.

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