Dreamcast 43: The John Grabow Will Never Happen Again Edition

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It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these so we’re kind of rusty.  This is the 43rd edition of the Dreamcast, right after a huge trade but still before the non-waiver trade deadline.  We’ll do another one after the major trades are completed and we’ll see whether the Cubs pull off any more surprises.

This edition is named for John Grabow, whom you may remember as one of the pieces that came back in the 2009 trade (back when the Cubs were hopefully still competitive, but injuries and bad luck happened) that also brought Tom Gorzelanny in exchange for two broken arms and one of this year’s All-Stars for Pittsburgh, Josh Harrison.  Harrison didn’t really have a truly solid season until this year, so it wasn’t a terrible trade at the time since the Pirates were rebuilding as usual and the Cubs were trying to go for it, but with some budget constraints that we now know about because the Tribune was mismanaged to hell.  What was really annoying was after the season when then-GM Jim Hendry inked Grabow to a two-year extension worth $7.5MM (!!!) which was absolutely ludicrous.  Grabow sucked throughout that contract and never pitched in the majors again after it expired.  And now we have a front office that won’t do dumb crap like that as often, unless of course you count Edwin Jackson…but that wasn’t really dumb per se, it just didn’t work out.

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