Hall of Fame 2014: Another Year Without Rose

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Here we are, another Hall of Fame weekend, and once again the all time hit king Pete Rose will once again be absent. Still serving a life time ban for gambling on the game of baseball, Rose will be on the outside looking in. Whether or not he should be in the position he is in, is up for debate.


I fully understand that he broke baseball’s longest standing rule, you do not bet on the game; but how do you keep the greatest hitter of all time out of the Hall of Fame? With his 4256 hits, he has 65 more hits than Ty Cobb, no other player is even close. Rose’s 4256 hits is a record that will likely never be beaten, and if his life time ban remains just that, the all time hits leader will never see the true glory that he deserves.

While the baseball Hall of Fame does have a character clause that is supposed to be upheld, the hallowed halls are filled with all sorts or cheaters, assclowns and over all bad guys.

Let’s look at guys who also do not meet the so called “character clause” that is supposedly keeping Rose out of the Hall of Fame.

The aforementioned Cobb played the game hard, he injured a lot of opponent’s legs by sliding in spikes high when trying to break up a double play. He also went into stands to attack a heckler, was a massive racist and according to some reports was a murder.

John McGraw  regularly tripped base runners on the basepaths, and while managing the Giants. he was ejected a record 118 times.

Former Cub Cap Anson (another blatant racist), was the one to organized a strike in 1885 in order to get African American players taken off of the roster, and frequently cursed at umpires.

Rogers Hornsby was always critical of teammates. Nothing like playing with a guy who never had your back.

Juan Marichal struck Johnny Roseboro with a bat during a brawl after a brushback incident. Roseboro required 14 stitches.

Babe Ruth was a massive drunk and a womanizer.

Ted Williams was another class act. He was always quick to give attitude to both the media and the fans.

Then we have Roberto Alomar who will always be remembered for spitting on an umpire.

These are just a handful of people who could be consider jerks who passed the “character clause”. Was what they did, who they were any worse than Rose? Rose was not a perfect person. He gambled on the game which is one of baseball’s most sacred rules, lied about doing so for several years, but on the field he was all business, just like all these other players. He played the game hard with heart and hustle.

Perhaps when Bud Selig retires at the end of the year will have some sense and lift his life time ban. Say what you will about Rose, his statistics say he is a Hall of Fame player.

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