Rizzo Once Again Needs Your Support! Vote Now for The Branch Rickey Award!

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Once again, Chicago Cubs All Star first baseman Anthony Rizzo needs your help. Once again, he is in a vote with other players for a prestigious award. Last time out, the city of Chicago managed to help Rizzo get an amazing 8.8 MILLION votes in the final vote competition which earned him the distinction of being called an All Star.

Now, he is up for an even more prestigious award. Rizzo is one of the finalists for The Branch Rickey Award. For those who are unaware, The Branch Rickey Award was created by the Rotary Club of Denver, and is a nationally prestigious and coveted honor that recognizes professionals in Major League Baseball for exceptional community Branch  Rickey Awardservice.

We all know Rizzo’s history and story. We know how he fought and beat cancer. We know of all the hard work he has done in the community. Rizzo is the total package. He is a great baseball player, and an even better human being. While Rizzo does not do this work to get recognized with an award, I believe that he should be awarded this honor. While he is up against some very tough competition (currently in the lead as of this writing), there are few I feel deserve this honor more; and I am not just saying this as a Cubs fan.

Come on Chicago. If we can get Rizzo 8.8 MILLION votes in the matter of a few days, imagine how many we can get him in nearly three weeks. You have until 08/17/2014 at 11:59 pm MDT. The rules are here.

However, you know the real rules Chicago. Vote Early! Vote Often! You can technically only vote once per day…. but different computers…. ya know how that goes.


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