Top Ten List: Organ Intros For Rick Renteria’s Manager Moonwalk

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I kept thinking about this last night as challenge after challenge and review after review continued to slow down the pace of the game, which the Cubs did win but could have won sooner.  You know of which I speak…there’s a bang-bang play, the umpire makes the initial call, the manager initiates his delay tactic of walking out to the field as if to make a challenge.  But at some point, the manager turns around and moonwalks, waiting for his bench coach and video guy to confirm whether a challenge should be issues or not.  If challenge is a go, the manager keeps walking to the ump and then we have a delay.  If challenge is no go, manager turns back, waves to the umpire like “hey, never mind,” gives a goofy smile, and the delay is much shorter, but is still a delay.  The previous blog talks about ways to reduce delay, but that might not be until next season, if not later.

make-it-so-captainThe godfather of the moonwalk, of course, is the late great Michael Jackson.  Many have performed the moonwalk prior to Jackson, but none as famous or legendary.  And since we as fans have to sit through the gamesmanship and the delays, why not have the Wrigley Field organist, Gary Pressy, set up a few organ-ized tunes from the Michael Jackson discography when Rick Renteria waddles to the umpire?  Come on, Cubs, make it so.

Below, I give you our list of Michael Jackson songs that you can imagine in organ mode…


Organ-based Michael Jackson songs for when Rick Renteria moonwalks to the field

10. Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough


8. Smooth Criminal

7. The Way You Make Me Feel (usually very angry, ump)

6. Black or White (in the context of getting the call correct, of course)

5. Beat It

4. Thriller (because we’re all thrilled to tears when the horror show of a replay review happens, right?)

3. Billie Jean

2. Remember the Time (because we have to get home at some point, ump!)

1. Bad (as in the call was very…)

The fact that most of these songs are good or were parodied by Weird Al Yankovic at some point helps a lot.  Let’s hope the Cubs set this up and have Ricky learn how to do a proper moonwalk, cleats be damned.


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