Rooftops File Suit Over Renovations

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You knew this was coming and now the day has arrived. About half of the Wrigleyville rooftops (only eight of them) filed suit to stop the planned renovations and expansion of Wrigley Field. What can be seen as interesting though, is that lawsuit appears to be not against the Chicago Cubs themselves, but against the landmark commission.

The rooftops claim the Landmark Commission broke their own rules and exceeded their authority when the approved the Cubs $375 Million dollar plan for Wrigley Field. The rooftops are demanding the courts reverse the decision.

Even though the rooftops have officially filed suit against the commsision, discussions between the Cubs and rooftops are still going on in hopes to find common ground and avoid a lawsuit with the team.

Of course, if the rooftops do lose the suit against the commission, they can still file suit against the Cubs for violating their 20 year agreement. Even with the threat of a lawsuit though, the Cubs still planning on moving forward with their plans.

While the Cubs are still planning on moving forward, an injunction would slow things down even further. Though, in my non legal opinion, if they lose their suit against the commission, chances of them winning an appeal to halt construction might be slim. What is interesting though, is that only eight rooftops are involved in the suit.

Not all the rooftops seem as invested as the others and appear to want to get out while the getting is good. They made their money and may not be interested in risking more money in what may be a very costly lawsuit which ends in a loss of not only money but business.

Even though things may be far from over between the battle between the Cubs and rooftops over the renovation and expansion of Wrigley Field, with the lawsuit filed today, we are closer the the finish line than starting point.

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