Cubs Trade Jackson to Arizona, Brett Jackson That is

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Late last night the Chicago Cubs traded former first round pick Brett Jackson to the Arizona DiamondBacks for Triple A pitcher, and 2014 AA All Star pitcher Blake Cooper.

Jackson was one of those big top prospects from the Jim Hendry era that never quite panned out. In his brief stop in the majors in 2012, Jackson fell flat on his face and never made his way back to the big leagues. In fact, outside of a few good games he never really recovered.

With the emergence of other hot outfield prospects like Jorge Soler, Jackson became expendable.

Obviously, Arizona believes that Jackson is still capable of being a major league player, enough so that they gave up Cooper for him. While Cooper may never make this way to the Major Leagues, he has talent, how much talent remains to be seen. Honestly, I am surprised the Cubs got a player with as much promise as Cooper appears to have. While a AA All Star does not mean much in the grand scheme of things, a player with that accomplishment under their belt, might have a bright future. Key word, might.

I liked Jackson, and wish him nothing but success in Arizona. I hope he is able to put things together and have a respectable major league career going forward. But he is living proof that just because you are a top prospect who is able to put up great stats in the minors, that does not mean you will be able to have Major League success. You might have a minor league stud, but that mean absolutely nothing once you get to the major leagues.

Just food for thought.

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