A Soler Eclipse is Coming

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Late last night news broke that Jorge Soler would be promoted to the Major Leagues by the Chicago Cubs, joining fellow “core four” member Javier Baez. This is sooner than most people expected, as many within the media circuit assumed that he would be brought up as soon as the Iowa Cubs playoff run ended at some point in September. With the poaching all of the I-Cubs best talent, that playoff run might not last as long as many thought compared to only a month ago.

While this may only be an extra week or two of Major League experience, that could prove to be very beneficial. Even brief exposure to Major League pitching talent can go a long way to preparing a player for what is to come in the future for their carers and get them ready to compete at a high level.

While most of the time performance by young players in September is easily written off due to watered down talent in the Majors, this September for the Cubs will likely be different. The Cubs, from here on out will be facing a majority of teams that are contending for a playoff spot; that means they will be playing the best talent these teams have to offer.

I know that there is no guarantee that Soler will work out at the Major League level, or Baez, Arismendy Alcantara will develop into the talent we saw them show in the minor leagues, but all the exposure they can get at the Major League level is a bonus. Seeing all of the kids we have been hearing about the last few years finally hitting Chicago is giving a renewed energy to the fan base.

Soler will be joining the team tomorrow in Cincinnati as the Cubs face the Reds. With Starlin Castro rejoining the team today, the Cubs are back to full strength with even more firepower and excitement then when they started the season. With Soler joining the team tomorow, IO predict the lineup might look something like this:

Alcantara (CF) – Baez (2B) – Anthony Rizzo (1B) – Castro (SS) – Soler (LF) – Luis Valbuena (3B) – Welington Castillo (C) – Chris Coghlan (RF) – P

Of course I could be way off, but does that lineup not look nice? We will find out tomorrow how close I was to being right. Either way Cub fans, the time to rejoice is here! The future is coming quickly.

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