Old school Cubs fan + brand new affiliate = pure joy

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Hi everyone. I’m Sharon and I’m a lifelong Cubs fan. Although that sounds a little like an AA meeting introduction, it’s the honest truth. I have been a fan of the Cubs for as long as I can remember. Growing up in northern Indiana, before cable TV, we got about four TV channels, one of which was WGN. I come from a family of Cubs fans so summer baseball on WGN was a given. My parents would usually take us to one or two Wrigley games every season but the majority of my baseball education came from Cubs games on Channel 9.

Jack Brickhouse was my first “Voice of the Cubs”. I remember Ivan DeJesus before he went to Philly for Ryne Sandberg. I remember Ryno going something like 1 for 23 in his first seven or so games….while playing third base by the way. I remember “The Penguin” Ron Cey, Billy Buckner and that mustache, Leon Durham and Jody Davis. A friend and I sent Ryno a birthday card during the 1983 season but never heard back from him. I’m especially optimistic about the future that Theo & Co. are building in Chicago and can’t wait for the World Series that I know is coming. BTW I have a bottle of (mid priced) champagne sitting in my fridge just waiting for the day.

SouthBendCubsI’ve lived in South Bend, Indiana my whole life and have always been a baseball fan. When Coveleski (later Four Winds) Field opened and put in place a White Sox affiliate (ugh) and later a Diamondbacks team, my family and I went to baseball games off and on. So you can imagine the unadulterated joy I felt when the Chicago Cubs announced that they were moving their Class A Midwest league affiliate to South Bend from Kane County. I attended the press conference where Theo & Co. announced that the team would now be known as the South Bend Cubs and just seeing that Cubs logo gave me goose bumps. Just an FYI, the Cubs are easily the most popular MLB team in this area. Yes we have our share of White Sox, Cards, Tigers and even some Pirates fans but for every fan of any of those teams, you will find about ten Cubs fans. So the news has been met with more than joy in town.

I’m currently saving money, begging family members and cleaning out couch cushions for cash to get a season ticket. I work for the local school corporation so my summer is wide open! As if this all wasn’t enough good news, Anno mentioned they needed someone to recap South Bend Cubs games and picked me! That is just a big ole pile of icing on this already amazing Cubs cake for Sharon.

In addition to recapping the South Bend Cubs games/series, I will try to share with you everything that Four Winds Field and the South Bend area have to offer to Cubs fans. Feel free to send me any questions you have and I’ll do my best to answer them. Looking forward to an amazing 2015 South Bend and Chicago Cubs season!!


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About Sharon

I am a lifelong fan of the Chicago Cubs who happens to live in South Bend, Indiana. My life was made complete when Theo & Co. moved the Cubs' Class A Midwest League affiliate to my hometown. Being invited to write for WSD about the South Bend Cubs is just icing on that cake. I used to be @ClaireBDesigns but am now just @SharonHolston. Come find me on Twitter!

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  1. Good for you Sharon . We are also fans because of WGN . Also looking forward to 2015 and a great Cubs team . Thanks for sharing your story with us . Go Cubs !!

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