Jeremy Guthrie and His “Rude” Shirt That Wasn’t

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I rarely use this platform to rant. When I do, I even more rarely rant about something that is not related to the Chicago Cubs. However, I could not hold my tongue, I wanted to get this off my chest because this has been annoying the crap out of me.

That is Kansas City Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie wearing a harmless shirt having fun with his team’s opponent in the ALCS. The team they had just beaten to take a three games to none lead. Harmless right? Guess again. The world of baseball was now in “Shirt Gate” with several people up in arms with this harmless shirt. Some people took offense to the shirt.

Seriously? People are seriously upset calling his actions a lack of class. Insensitivity has gotten way out of control if people are getting this upset over a stupid shirt which did nothing but point out the truth. The Baltimore Orioles are not the Royals. Their team names point that out as clear as day. Further, if there were royalty in this series, that certainly would not be the Orioles who cannot muster a single win. They are about to be swept. Now, usually I love Jon Heyman. He is a smart baseball writer who is usually on top of the game. However, I am disappointed in his reaction to Guthrie’s shirt.

The fact that Guthrie felt that he needed to appolagize for wearing the shirt is complete bullshit in my opinion. Hey Orioles, if you don’t want people ribbing you, how about winning a game against the Royals? Heyman went on with his displeasure at the shirt with the following

The shirt should not be thrown in the garbage. The shirt should have been distributed to each and every member of the of the Royals team to wear during warm ups today. If there were to be a game five (at this moment the Royals and Orioles are still playing game four) they should wear them again for warm ups then as well; every game there after on this series if need be.

Now, if you want something that is really offensive, I present the following.



Why is this picture offensive? Not because of the personal attack that I am sure is directed at the Chicago Cubs fans in attendance at a game against the St. Louis Cardinals. But because the damn thing is misspelled. If you are going to offend someone, at least spell things right.

Okay, that is just for fun. There are more examples. How about what happened recently at a Jacksonville Jaguars game? Their mascot crossed a line.


This might be rather borderline, but a disease which is spreading worldwide, killing people, that might be a little bit insensitive. A lot of people might not see things that way with this, but with this particular instance, I can see where people would get offended.

Want another? As a Bear fan, I can only hang my head at this one. The Chicago Bears were playing the New Orleans Saints in a game shortly after Hurricane  Katrina. If you are a Bears fan, I am sure you remember this one.


Well over the line, completely insensitive, and unlike Guthrie’s t-shirt Mr. Heyman, completely rude. There is absolutely nothing funny about that picture at all, unless you are a sick and twisted demented person. Poking fun about a disaster which killed as many people as Katrina did, and which destroyed an entire city… nothing funny at all.

Of course, these are just a small sampling of what would pass for classless, rude and insensitive. Was Guthrie’s shirt on the immature side? Sure. Could he have done without wearing the shirt to a press conference, of course. But that this is a story is embarrassing.

I side with Guthrie. There was nothing to apologize about with the shirt. The Orioles, their fans and some people in the media need to put on their big boy pants.


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