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Look at this picture.  What emotions are going through your mind right now?

Goodbye old bleachers.
Goodbye old bleachers.

Here’s another picture:

From the top.
From the top.

You can check out our Facebook page’s thread here, but the gist of it is that the Chicago Cubs were dead serious about getting this project underway after their groundbreaking ceremony last weekend.  First they tear down.  Then they’ll build back up, expanding the outfield walls to the edges of Waveland and Sheffield, and at some point next year we’ll see a jumbotron go up in left field along with other outfield signs.

The picture in the Facebook thread shared by Anno is from this Sports Illustrated story, which collected a few tweets showing the carnage as heavy machinery started ripping down the bleachers.  There is also a video (poorly edited in my opinion) in that story.  I think you’d appreciate the views from The Wrigley Blog’s Twitter better though:


You might notice that the brick wall covered with ivy is still up, but there is a video here from WGN that shows the inner wall propped up and untouched by the cranes so far.  I’m guessing they’ll do the brick-by-brick tear down later on after the debris on the other side is cleared away.  We also have another video from the Tribune:  

This is of course a huge shock to many die-hard Wrigley enthusiasts, but we all knew this had to happen sometime.  What’s interesting is that the bleachers being torn down are only a decade old, so it’s not like they’re tearing down the scoreboard or the marquee, which have been around a lot longer.  In a way, this is like a home improvement project you knew had to be done, but the nostalgia does kick in since we’re only human and we’re resistant to change.  I believe the change is for the better, and maybe it might be fun to go up and snap some photos once all the bleachers (minus the ones under the scoreboard) are gone.


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