Anno’s World Series Prediction: Royals Will Get Their Crown

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Tonight, the World Series begins! A series that we have already seen back in August when the Kansas City Royals hosted and swept the San Francisco Giants. I doubt that things will be quite as easy this time around, as the stakes are raised, but what do I know? The Royals have swept everyone else in their past this post season, why not the Giants as well?

Like many others (though not everyone here at World Series Dreaming) I am rooting for the Royals to win the World Series. They are a good story in my mind, and the Giants already have two World Series crowns the past four years; this would be their third year in the past five for the Giants. Time to give another team a shot!

I can understand why there are some people rooting against the Royals. Ned Yost is defying all logic in the way he manages the team. He bunts and steals bases when statisticians and saber metrics say that you should not, and he succeeds. Yost has been managing his team using his “Yostball” techniques all season long, even though he has had his detractors calling him out for such things, telling the world he is destined to failed because of them.

After Yost won the Royals first playoff game in 29 years using these techniques, baseball fans gave him credit, but reminded the baseball world that “Yostball” worked, but that this was only one game. Over the course of a longer series, his techniques would cost his team a game, and a series. Low and behold, his crazy techniques find his team in the World Series.

Even though he has his team in the World Series, (without a post season loss mind you) Yost still has his detractors who want to let you know that the Royals are “winning despite their manager”, which does seem a bit on the laughable side. While his antics have driven some fans to madness, causing them to dislike him, others like my friend Earl love him because of his craziness.  Yost may not be your typical managerial mind, and as crazy as his techniques may seem in baseball today, they are working.

I hate bunting. I hate giving up outs, you only have 27 of them to work with in a regulation game, you need to make them all count. I would use them sparingly, but Yost calls for bunts like they are going out of style. He is a mad genius, and thus far, his harebrained schemes are working. I have no doubt that they will continue to work.

I am not sure if you have heard the song yet, but famous Christian singer Matthew West sang a song celebrating the Royals World Series birth. A song that  has been banned in San Francisco until after the World Series (and likely forever if the Royals do wind up winning). I love the song, and while I can understand the “Ban in San Fran” I have to laugh at the idea of banning a song.

My official prediction for the World Series is the Royals win in six games. A sweep is entirely possible, and I would not be surprised if that happened, but the romantic in me wants to see them win the World Series at home, much like I would love to see the Cubs do WHEN they get there.

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  1. Can anyone tell me why the Royals have a sea monkey as their mascot? Is it because the sea monkey’s were conveyed as royalty, in front of their castle, in comic book ads?

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