So There is No Zimmermann Trade? I Love the Hot Stove

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All Bets are off

Last night a rumor of interest of a Jordan Zimmerman trade between the Chicago Cubs and Washington Nationals.

A rumor, which baffling since the Nationals are still in contention with the team they have, but one that was supported by David Kaplan.

However, according to other well placed sources, nothing was ever going on between the Cubs and Nationals.

I should not be surprised, these are the General Manager meetings after all. This is a place where most off season trades start. There will be whispers of trades and rumors of trades (both real and imaginary) will be spreading like wildfire.

The idea of the Cubs targeting a top starting pitcher has been no secret, they announced to the world a month ago that they were. They have been connected to Jon Lester more times than I can count, as well as every other free agent across baseball. After reports of Lester receiving a substantial contract offer from the Boston Red Sox, the Cubs were bound to look at as many different options as they could to see if there was a need to break out the checkbook and have a bidding war with the Red Sox. Obviously, a good place to start looking for a cheaper alternative would be to turn your attention to a team that is stacked with starting pitching talent like the Nationals.

The trade rumor made a lot of sense from the Cubs side, as they have enough minor league depth that they could probably trade for just about anyone they wanted. However, as Jesse Rogers pointed out, the Nationals have no reason to trade away a top starter when they are in contention. Not to mention that the Cubs already said they were probably not going to trade away from their system.

Perhaps someone within the Cubs organization picked out Wittenmeyer to float a rumor of a trade as a way to let Lester know that he was not the only stud pitcher the Cubs could get this off season. Perhaps the rumor came from another source. Who knows where Wittenmeyer picked up this rumor. Being a professional journalist, I am sure he followed the cardinal rule of journalism and got a second source. Maybe there was (at one point) something to this rumor and those involved got cold feet and backed out before anyone else could confirm or because a trade is being discussed but it far from the exchanging names point. I doubt that though with how adamant every other baseball beat writer shoots down the rumor as completely false.

Perhaps Wittenmeyer will explain what happened next time he is on WSCR for his weekly baseball talk segment. Or perhaps he will pretend none of this ever happened.

Welcome to the Hot Stove League Cub fans. With the Cubs having banks filled with money, and a seemingly endless supply of money, I am sure there will be more rumors floated around.

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