Red Sox Low Ball Lester, Leaving Cubs to Swoop In

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News has come out that the Boston Red Sox have made free agent starting pitcher Jon Lester a contract offer, which is a bit lower than I was expecting.

Personally, I think this offer is a bit low. If I were Theo Epstein and Jed Hoter, my contract offer would be for about $150 Million over six years I do not think that Lester is worth more than that.I think that is his top value, but he is a must get for the Cubs so I would go a little above and beyond what I would want to do if I absolutely had to. But not too much higher.

I do not like giving long term deals to pitchers, because they are keen to arm injuries. I would much rather give him a four year deal, or five at very most; but that will not work.You know some team will be willing to give him six or seven years in their offer.

At this moment, there is no word on what the Cubs offered to Lester, or even if they made an official offer when he was in Chicago earlier this week before he left for Atlanta to speak with the Braves. I am sure they did make an offer, and would be very surprised if what they offered was not higher than this.

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One Reply to “Red Sox Low Ball Lester, Leaving Cubs to Swoop In”

  1. Low ball and $120 million in the same sentence just sounds so ridiculous…these contracts have all gotten way out of hand. That includes our new manager’s $25 million. Forever my favorite will be Andre Dawson handing Dallas Green that blank contract.

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