Cubs Broadcasting Rights Finalized (UPDATE: WGN deal official)

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Ever since the Chicago Cubs opted out of their broadcasting contract with WGN Television, and WGN Radio opted out of their contract with the Cubs, there was a question as to where exactly fans would be able to catch their beloved team in the upcoming season. With the team quickly getting a deal done with WBBM AM 780, all that was left to figure out was where to catch the games on television.

We already know that the Cubs have a contract with Comcast Sports Net which runs through the 2019 season. According to that contract, the Cubs will be airing 80 games a season on CSN, which leaves 82 more games left to schedule.

Not too long ago, ABC announced that they would be airing 25 of the remaining games, leaving 57 games left to figure out where to go. Well today we received some clarity.WGN TV

Unfortunately for our non Chicago area residents that might black them out of the broadcasts, but that is not because of anything the Cubs did or did not do. The Super Station is no longer carrying sports at all.

The deal with WGN will last only five years, which lines everything up together.

That means that by the end of the 2019 season, the Cubs can offer all 162 games to any network they desire, and seek that large broadcasting payday they have seen other teams thrive on.

If you are good at math and have been paying attention, you know that between CSN, ABC and WGN there are only 150 games signed for airing. That leaves 12 games for the big boys of FOX and ESPN. Do not worry, all 162 games will be aired somewhere.

With the Cubs being on so many different networks this season, I suggest you keep a close watch on the schedule so that you know exactly where you can watch all the games for the next five years.

UPDATE 1/8 3:45 PM: While I was out walking the dog in the tundra, WGN and the Cubs officially announced the deal.

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