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Tomorrow, the 2015 Chicago Cubs campaign kicks off! While the season opener is still a month and a half away, pitchers and catchers report in a month, tomorrow is the official start of the 2015 season to me.

The annual Cubs Convention kicks off tomorrow night, drawing thousands of fans from all over the country. I am excited about this event, as I am every year, but this time things feel a little different. There is a new bounce in my step and excitement is over flowing. The Cubs have a new manager who many call one of the best in the game, a stud at the top of the rotation who is a true ACE for the first time in God knows how long, and a crop of young players who are breaking down the door to the majors this year. Yes, there is a lot of excitement around Cub fans.

This will be a weekend where Cub fans can let loose, have fun and learn a few things from the ownership and upper management about the going ons with their favorite team.

Be prepared friends. World Series Dreaming will be there in force, reporting on everything that takes place!

Are you ready Cubs fans? The 2015 season is about to get under way!

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