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Today was my birthday.  I had considered going to Cubs Convention a while back, but decided not to.  Thankfully everyone else on Team WSD decided to brave the crowds (SOLD OUT!) and will bring you news later.  For the time being, here’s some stuff I gleaned while perusing the Twitters and reading up on news.

The Chicago Cubs have settled with all of their arbitration-eligible guys save Pedro Strop:


Speaking of Luis Valbuena and Welington Castillo, it sounded like neither was present for the Opening Ceremony. Valbuena is scheduled for an autograph session tomorrow based on what I saw, so he’s probably just arriving late. Castillo, of course, is a frequent trade candidate due to the whole “OMG THREE CATCHERS” thing, which isn’t really a problem in our opinion but we don’t run the team.  Beef settled at $2.1MM which is very affordable and should help keep his relative trade value high if that’s what the front office decides. Theo Epstein did cover his bases though:

You can also keep track of all the new Cubs players and their jersey numbers:


While the bleachers might not be ready for Opening Night, the Cubs did announce a Jumbotron tidbit:  

And while we’re on the subject of the bleachers rebuild, the Ricketts Family apparently finalized some purchases:

If the details are true, let’s take a look at where these rooftops actually are…

County property records show that the rooftop business at 3639 N. Sheffield Ave. was sold on Jan. 9 for $4.2 million The property is co-owned by James Lourgos, who did not return a phone call seeking comment on the sale.

Two sources said that George Loukas sold two buildings at 3643-3645 N. Sheffield Ave. and 1032-1034 W. Waveland Ave. to the Ricketts family. The sources did not disclose the sales price of the properties.  

Looking on Google maps, you can tell where the new Ricketts-controlled rooftop buildings are.  What they intend to do with them remains a bit of a mystery, but I’ve often wondered whether they could set up walkways across the street into the ballpark.  That would probably create logistical issues plus the neighbors would likely be even more pissed off about the new view-intrusive skyways too. WrigleyRooftopsBought Team WSD will have more after they’re done swooning over players and getting drunk at the hangout tonight. UPDATE Day 2 stuff: Anno and Andy were at the morning meatball session with the Ricketts Family and here’s what we know.  It seems the rooftops purchased by the Ricketts will in fact remain as rooftop entertainment businesses, just obviously giving the Cubs 100% of the profits. Meanwhile I’m laying in bed and checking the Twitters, so…

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