The Great Chicago Fire of 20–

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In between taking the boy to Cub Scouts and going grocery shopping, I got to check out the Twitters to see what you crazy fans at the Cubs Convention were up to.  Yeah, we know the bleachers won’t be ready for Opening Night (boo hoo), but that was always a possibility and now I’m looking forward to that ESPN broadcast just to see how they decide to mock the Cubs this time.  Give it your best shot, we’re Cubs fans, we can take it!


I guess I should look into getting into a game in June to check out the finished product (so far), though.  The Cubs have plenty more to do for Wrigley over the next few offseasons and the team’s prospects are going to grow with the construction.

There were multiple panels throughout the day, which Andy and Anno and Ivy attended.  They said it was packed to the gills, highlighting the level of excitement of Cubs fans entering the 2015 season.  You can, of course, follow their timelines for more info as it came out (as well as the rest of Cubs Twitter, obviously), but one thing caught my eye:


If you don’t know what Jon Lester was referring to, the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 burned down a huge swath of the city and was often attributed to a cow.  This gives me the opportunity to post this ridiculous video my wife showed me:  

…but that really has nothing to do with the Great Chicago Fire of 20–, which Lester alluded to whenever the Cubs bring the World Series championship back to the North Side.  It’s an unfortunate by-product of sports fandom, and it happens just about anywhere whether the team wins or loses.  The best thing we can hope for is that folks limit the damage.  I live near the University of Chicago which is probably still not far away from the atomic bomb blast of a celebration after the last out of the clincher.  I feel really bad for the riot cops who will have to work triple overtime to contain the madness.

I leave you with this post about a fan encounter with Edwin Jackson that Andy shared, and there will be more recaps of Cubs Con over the next few days.


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