So… About Those New Videoboards

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Over the weekend’s festivities, new and exciting information was revealed about the coming video boards that will be implemented into your game day experience at Wrigley Field starting in 2015.

As you can see, there will be a few LED boards in Wrigley. In Left Field, there will be a small video board which mirrors the one that already exists in Right Field. No big deal. fans got used to the one in the Right Field corner, they will do the same with the new one in the Left Field corner. No big deal, no reason to get upset about this at all.

I am not sure if you can see the original scoreboard in the picture above or not, but the LED board that has been below the old fashioned hand turned scoreboard has been removed and refurbished to make the landmarked item as close to how the scoreboard looked when first built. That should be huge for fans who want the authentic and traditional feel. That iconic scoreboard is not going anywhere and remain for as long as Wrigley Field stands.

Now for the big news. As I am sure you know by now, there will be six signs in the outfield which include LED video boards. One large in Left Field and one smaller one in Right Field. The Left Field video board will be ready by opening day (even though the Bleacher Seating will not be), while the Right Field video board will not be ready until late May like the seating section.

These Video Boards are going to be something special, giving the fans everything they need to expand their in game experience. The video boards will give fans in game content such as instant replays, highlights, in game stats for players, pitch speed and type as well as lineups. Another function of the boards is they will give the official scoring for those who like to keep score. While many fans do not keep score, and many already do, there are plenty of fans who do not know the proper way to score things on their scorecards. Teaching an entire new generation how to keep score properly is a great addition.

In between innings, there will be video content showed which includes “this day in Cubs history” content. Other video content will no doubt be showed to keep fans entertained between innings as well.

While there was no flat out denial of there being a “kiss cam” at this seminar, in previous discussions have shown that the “kiss cam” will not be a feature used. Though, you can bet that the Cubs will have a win video ready to go for that first home win of the season, with the old fan favorite “Go Cubs Go” played in the background. Yes, the song will stay even though the tune was written for WGN radio and they are no longer on WGN Radio but WBBM.

I am sure they will take a little getting used to, but I am looking forward to being able to enjoy a game in a ball park from this century.

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    • It is going to be nice to be able to see replays. Wait to see the finished product before passing final judgement 🙂 You might like it!

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