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After another exciting day educating America’s youth, I came home, did my work, then perused because I heard that tickets were already on sale.  I don’t think single game tickets are on sale yet, but it appears that the six-packs and a flex-pack are available.

I checked out the Bobblehead Pack, which has the most Saturdays (so I don’t have to miss school days), and the cheapest seats are in the upper reserved outfield.  Six games for $138, and that doesn’t include the stupid taxes and fees yet.  Unfortunately I don’t think this year I would be able to just buy the cheap seats and then move down, given how Cubs fans are super optimistic and love the prospects as much as their own families and all that.  I picked 12 games as well for the flex pack and it came out to $254 for the same level seating.  That actually isn’t too bad.  I’ll probably end up waiting for the single game tickets to come out though, or else it’d just be me going, but it’s kind of nice to know that tickets are relatively affordable still.

The auto-scroller on the front page also showed us that Javier Baez was playing winter ball.  No Baez story would be complete without mentioning the bazillion strikeouts, and Baez has been struggling recently in the Puerto Rico playoffs.  The new hitting coach, John Mallee, had worked with him a bit, and Baez knows what he has to do.  Now he just has to put it into practice.  The Cubs know that Baez is working hard and will do his best to try to get through these issues.

In the meantime, there is the possibility (as you have probably heard from all over Cubs Twitter) that Baez could start the 2015 season in Iowa to work out the kinks.  With all the depth in the system prior to Bryant Day, one can imagine manager Joe Maddon using any number of guys at second base, including acquisition Tommy La Stella and super-utility guy Arismendy Alcantara.  If Mike Olt is fine he might work out at third base, although one can see a situation where La Stella and Alcantara could flank Starlin Castro.  So it wouldn’t be the end of the world if Baez took a few weeks to work things out.

The 2015 team will be a very intriguing group as prospects get called up (including that Kris Bryant guy) and trades occur closer to the deadlines.  Based on what was described at the Cubs Convention and the excitement level going forward, tickets may be in short supply, so I’ll have to keep an eye open for single-game tickets whenever they figure that out.


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