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The Chicago Cubs spring training broadcast schedule is out!  And I’m sure in a few weeks we’ll get the regular season broadcast schedule too.

With spring training upon us, it’s time at my high school to start recruiting players, holding tryouts, and setting up conditioning and baseball drills for our team.  I’m still the assistant coach, which means I have to not only keep score, but to make sure the kids don’t get beaned by a foul ball because they’re not paying attention and to also make sure the guys on base don’t run themselves into an out.  Yeah, I have a full slate.

So it was really nice to find out that Kansas City Royals manager Ned Yost helped to develop a mobile app to teach baseball fundamentals.  Thankfully the app isn’t designed to explain when to pinch-hit or pinch-run, or when to use your relievers, but more to tell a defensive player where to throw the ball.  I played as a catcher on the free training level after downloading it to my Galaxy and it was pretty fun.  I learned after a few rounds what “on the grass” and “in the dirt” meant; I had a major derp moment and forgot I was a catcher.

There is apparently a premium version that will allow more levels and scorekeeping, and I plan on checking out the various infield positions and the outfield soon.  Overall, I think Ned Yost did a pretty good thing here and it’s worth a download since it’s free anyway.  Maybe I’ll even tell my players about it so they will actually throw to the right base this year.


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