You Gotta Love the Cubs

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Happy Valentine’s Day Cubs fans!

As you know, I love the Chicago Cubs. I have been a die hard fan of the North Siders for as long as I can remember. Baseball was, is and always be my first love. I remember Valentine watching the Cubs when I was younger, watching players like Andre Dawson, Ryne Sandberg, Mark Grace, Greg Maddux and many others. The way they played the game inspired me, and kept drawing me back.

The first game I ever remember watching, was when the Cubs were playing the Philadelphia Phillies (pretty sure they were playing them). Dawson was a one man wrecking crew that day. So much so that the WGN graphic team used a little creative artistry when they came back from commercial. Their graphic read Dawson 3 Phillies 0. He was hitting the ball all over the field, and catching everything hit within his zip code. The guy was unstoppable.

Along side with Sandberg, there was no greater duo of offensive and defensive talent in my eyes. They are among the greatest players in Cubs history. Those two are the reason I am a Cubs fan today. Even though Sandberg is now managing the Phillies and Dawson is now working with the Miami Marlins, they are and always will be Cubs.

We all love the Cubs, otherwise we would not be writing this blog, you would not be reading the blog or the Facebook page. I would love to hear your story about why you love the Cubs, and how you fell in love with this team.

Just remember, you gotta love the Cubs

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4 Replies to “You Gotta Love the Cubs”

    • Isn’t it though? Amazing the things you can do with one of those. Still amazes me even though I have seen it countless times

  1. I started with the Cubs when the double play combo was Banks to Baker to Cavaretta. Outfield had Ralph Kiner, Frankie Baumholtz, and Hank Saur.

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