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It’s Sunday, the day after Valentine’s Day, or as some would call it:


With less than a week to go before Chicago Cubs pitchers and catchers report (some of the boys are already in camp, by the way), let’s look at some quick stories…

So…was Alex Gordon gonna score if he had just kept going?

From the most excellent Rany Jazayerli:


The Kansas City Star actually took the time with a local college baseball team to see if there was any shot for Kansas City Royals outfielder Alex Gordon to score the tying run in Game Seven of last year’s World Series.  As you know, he was ultimately stranded on third and the San Francisco Giants won yet another World Series. Given their best approximations for Gordon’s speed and Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford‘s arm strength and accuracy, the college guys offered empirical evidence that Gordon would most likely have been out.  Of course, we’ll never know if Crawford would have yakked a throw a la Matt Garza, or a bad bounce might have happened, or if Alex Gordon had another gear, but the safe bet is that a series-ending TOOTBLAN would have been really really stupid even for a Ned Yost-led team.  But you still have to give Yost and the Royals credit for making it to within 90 feet of extending the series! Give the videos a watch, pretty good stuff.

Chia Werth

The Washington Nationals are giving away a Chia pet that mimics the awesome beard of their resident Yukon Cornelius, aka Jayson Werth.  If you’re wondering whether fans will be “meh” on that giveaway after Werth’s reckless driving charge:

Werth recently completed a five-day jail sentence for a reckless driving charge, but the team isn’t concerned his legal issues will hurt the promotion. “He’s a fan favorite,” said Camillo.

The giveaway won’t coincide with a Cubs visit, though, as it is scheduled for an August 5th summer game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Wrigley Makeover

As the Cubs prepare to fight off yet another lawsuit from the rooftops, the folks at Wrigley Renovations shared a couple of nifty items.  First, the rendering:  

It looks splendid, assuming that an injunction or temporary restraining order doesn’t happen (folks say it’s unlikely anyway) and the Cubs can get this sucker done by late-May, when school is winding down and I can justify taking another off day to play hooky (whee!).

The second item shared was this article from the Tribune, which has a graphical representation of how views may be obstructed once the signs are put up.  There is of course the caveat that sign placement, size and shape may change, but they did a good job with the slider bars to show the outline of the signage overlaid on the rooftop profiles.  I’m feeling somewhat vindicated that the signs are actually blocking the rooftops I surmised would be blocked a while back.  I guess they’ll have to reinforce the video boards some in case of Giancarlo Stanton, Kris Bryant or Anthony Rizzo.  It’s kind of sad that there will be some protection against broken windows, though now that the Ricketts Family owns a few rooftops, I guess it makes sense to protect their investment some and not drive up insurance premiums.


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