Select Cubs Thoughts From the Cactus League Opener(s)

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Today was a fun day.  I wore my Cubs jersey to school (you can imagine the uproar with me working on the South Side, and all the ribbing I got) to celebrate the Cactus League opener for our Chicago Cubs and to also mark the start of our (VERY much delayed) first workout for the school baseball team.  I also got to tune in to one of the split squad games during my prep period and got to see this:

Happy birthday, Kyle Schwarber!  Billy McKinney got to hit one too (I got to see that one!) and Mike Olt provided the only runs with his shot in the game in Mesa.  The outcomes didn’t really matter; I liked that for the most part, the guys I wanted to see do well, did.  The veterans will work out their kinks later on, so no need to freak out about the 0-fors and the strikeouts.

In the game against Oakland, we got to check out an inning of Pat Venditte, the ambidextrous pitcher who actually seems to know what he’s doing:

Honestly, I hope Venditte makes the roster because he’s not just a novelty, the kid apparently CAN pitch very well despite a meh fastball. Oakland got a very interesting player, for sure.

Back to the game against the Giants, unfortunately for our pal Corey Black, he didn’t have a lot of command in his inning of work and plunked Hunter Pence:

Pence is going to be out for almost two months, which means he’ll miss significant time early on in the regular season.  Considering his lack of command all inning, you can’t reasonably say that Corey tried to hit Pence on purpose, and it’s not like there’s any true bad blood between the two teams anyway.  But as you can imagine, Giants twitter wasn’t too happy with Corey as you can see from Stan’s retweets on his timeline.  If you were looking for Corey Black’s response:


I’m no expert on the human psyche, but I’m pretty sure he feels like crap and based on his normal loquacity on Twitter, the fact that he didn’t tweet any direct response suggests that he’s not too happy with himself but does feel bad for Hunter Pence.  Giants twitter should probably lighten up.  Then again, I’m sure we’d be firing nukes at San Francisco if someone beaned Anthony Rizzo.

More baseball tomorrow, and just about every day until November!  Woooooo.


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