Following the Will Ferrell Experience

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As you may have heard, Will Ferrell played the role of RWG for many a team today:

Ferrell will be playing in the following games:

12:05 p.m. MT: Mariners at Athletics

1:10 p.m. MT: Cubs at Angels

2:10 p.m. MT: Reds at Diamondbacks

4:05 p.m. MT: Giants at White Sox

6:15 p.m. MT: Dodgers at Padres

It’s quite a feat following his exploits as he uses this tribute to Bert Campaneris to also raise money for charity (, as well as attention to baseball (which is never a bad thing, if it’s positive attention like I believe this is).

Will Ferrell’s first stop was at HoHoKam, the former spring home of the Chicago Cubs, where he actually started at shortstop for the A’s before he was replaced by Marcus Simien.  He then replaced Willie Bloomquist of the Mariners at second base for the bottom of the second inning.  He didn’t get a play at either spot, and absconded to his next destination.

His next stop was the game we cared about, where the Cubs took on the Angels on the road.  Ferrell replaced Mike Trout in center field (imagine that happening in the regular season…NOT) during the top of the third inning.  He got to watch a Kris Bryant home run fly over his head, then actually fielded a single cleanly off Welington Castillo‘s bat, and looked decent throwing it back in:

He coached third base for the Cubs, and then took over Matt Szczur‘s at-bat (but struck out).



Then he stayed in the game at first base, temporarily moving Mike Olt to center field.  He didn’t get a play there either, and left for his next destination, which was Reds vs. Diamondbacks.  He played left field for Arizona before a mid-game “trade” and then played the final two outs of the bottom of the eighth at third base for the Reds:

He should be off to the Giants vs. White Sox game now, where he’s expected to be a designated hitter for the Sox. We’ll update as Will Ferrell’s night of silly fun continues!

Giants at White Sox, Camelback Ranch: Ferrell’s helicopter barely made it in time for the ninth inning.  It would be tough for him to squeeze in a position for the Giants in the bottom of the inning and also hit for the White Sox.

That’s kind of disappointing because now that makes the Elf scene where Will Ferrell chucks snowballs like a high-powered assault rifle that much less magical.  Ferrell led off the bottom of the ninth for the White Sox, struck out in a pretty decent at-bat (for a non-player), and then switched uniforms and put on catcher’s gear to catch for the Giants.

According to reports, Bruce Bochy called an intentional walk and then Ferrell left the game.  I guess he technically caught. Ferrell’s final stop was at the Dodgers vs. Padres game, where he entered as a reliever in the bottom of the seventh for Los Angeles.

And then he was done.  He then took over in right field, wearing #20 instead of #19 for obvious reasons.

Now I know tons of people have been complaining about this event because of random delays and what not, but I think we’ll just go with this tweet to summarize my feelings:

At least Joe Maddon likes his movies!

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