It’ll be like watching the game on a big TV while you’re at the game!

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Tonight, in between watching Cubs Twitter own Darren Rovell and the Christian Yelich extension (which Kris Bryant likely won’t do for the Chicago Cubs so he’ll have to work on stuff in Iowa), we saw a few items that demonstrated how truly large the Wrigley Field video replay board in left field is going to be


The left field video board isn’t the subject of the rooftops’ ire, but if I’m reading the situation right, the rooftops won’t be able to block the smaller but ironically slightly more obstructive video board in right field anyway.  There are a number of really cool pictures in that Trib article of the construction in progress.  And while I believe the LED ribbon underneath the center field scoreboard is coming down, we’ll always have this:

Personally, I can’t wait for the Jumbotron to enhance my Cubs-viewing experience at Wrigley.

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