Chicago Cubs to Send Edwin Jackson to Tampa Bay Rays For Tampering in Joe Maddon Transaction (I Wish)

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Well this is fun…

Either the commissioner is too busy to deal with that petty bullshit anymore, or else he really has a mountain of evidence and dirty pictures to sort through in order to come to a final resolution. Most of us think that even if the Chicago Cubs were punished, the most the Tampa Bay Rays would get in return would be like some fringy arm, like when Chris Carpenter was traded for Theo Epstein (shrug).

Now I do apologize to everyone for the click-baity headline, but this story is almost as annoying as the neverending fight against the Wrigley Rooftops that the Cubs have to deal with.  So I understand and accept all trolling and negative comments in that regard.

HOWEVA!  This wasn’t completely my idea, as you can see from this particular Facebook thread.  And there is some merit in what was suggested, as if you look at the Rays’ depth chart, they have Alex Cobb with a forearm injury, Drew Smyly with shoulder tendinitis, Matt Moore is recovering from Tommy John surgery, and if Cobb’s injury necessitates TJS as well, then Tampa is kinda F’d.  And since the Cubs’ own options with Edwin Jackson aren’t exactly appealing, maybe he’ll find some success in a pitcher’s park again for the Rays.  It would kind of be a win-meh for both teams, since the Rays would get a pitcher who can hopefully stabilize their back end of the rotation until reinforcements arrive, the Cubs wash their hands of the situation even if they have to pay off Jackson’s remaining contract, and the Commish gets to slap the Rays for wasting his time.

Keep in mind this is tongue in cheek, but I thought it was pretty funny.


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