Believe it or Not, the Rain Out is a Good Thing

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If you were looking forward to tonight’s rematch between the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals,

Due to tonight’s rainy forecast and chilly temperatures the Cubs have announced that tonight’s game has been postponed, without a make update announced as of yet.

On the surface, this is a tragedy. Any day without baseball is a bad day. Even bad baseball is better than no baseball. That is why I really hate when there are rainouts. A rainout is very easy to prevent. Just build a dome. While I love baseball underneath God’s blue sky, I think I hate rainouts more than having every baseball stadium with at least a retractable roof. Alas, Wrigley does not have a dome, or a retractable roof, so tonight’s game has been cancelled to be made up at a later date, yet to be announced.

However, as the old saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. This storm cloud though, may have a few.

The game from tonight will likely not be made up this series. Dince this is the first series of the year and they are division rivals, they will be able to squeeze this game in the next time the Cardinals come to Wrigley. The next time the birds come north is for a three game series July 6-8. That, is actually great news for the Cubs and their fans in many ways.

First, there is no hid in the fact that Wrigley was not ready for opening day. The bathroom situation was a complete joke. You do not have to look too far to find a story about how poor the restrooms were, how long the lines were, or what some fans lowered themselves to I order to relieve themselves.

The somewhat good news is that the Cubs were bringing in portable toilets to help relieve the poor bathroom situation (no pun intended). While that is not ideal, things could be worse; just remember what happened at the opener.

In an email to season ticket holders we learned just when the bathrooms will be ready.

Four new restrooms, two women’s and two men’s, in the left-field concourse will be available in late May. Once completed, restroom capacity in the left-field concourse will exceed our 2014 levels.

So with the Cubs game likely getting postponed until early July, that means one less day without an ideal bathroom situation and one less day of possibly having to use a Pota Potty.

Another advantage to the game being postponed until early July, is the situation with the bleachers. The left field bleachers will be ready in the middle of May, and the right field bleachers are supposed to be ready by the middle of June.

One less game without a fully built ball park, one more game of being able to sit in the bleachers and more more game with a higher capacity crowd, which means more money for the Ricketts family to earn, which leads to more money to spend on the team’s payroll next year.

Even though I do not sit in the bleachers anymore, seeing them empty makes me a little sad. Having to look out at that mess one less time would make me very happy. I am sure the “bleacher bums” and the Ricketts family would agree that one less game without the bleachers is a very good thing.

Finally though (and there are probably more than just three reasons, but these are the biggest three) is that means we are one day closer to Kris Bryant day. From the get go, we have learned that in order to secure that seventh year of service time for Bryant, he would have to remain off the main roster for a total of 12 days. If the Cubs kept him down for those 12 days, he would miss a total of nine games in the 2015 season. For most Cub fans, that is 12 days and nine games too much


So how is this rain out a good thing? While the Cubs must still keep him in the minors for the required 12 days (if that is indeed all they intend to keep him down for), this rain out could be big for the Cubs and their fans.

Instead of missing nine games during this 12 game stretch, Bryant would now only be missing a total of eight games. One more game of Bryant in the majors than originally thought, and STILL get that seventh year of service time? Yes please.

Even if the Cubs do wait longer than the required 12 days, they likely will not wait too long. Bryant will be up long before the game is going to be made up, so they will STILL get one more game than they planned with Bryant in the lineup.

While I am extremely disappointed that there will not be a Cubs game tonight, the game being postponed is not the end of the world; in fact that is the farthest thing from the truth you can get. With all the benefits this rain out could possibly provide, perhaps the Cubs and their fans should be hoping for more rain outs these next two weeks.

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2 Replies to “Believe it or Not, the Rain Out is a Good Thing”

  1. I think Cubs fans are looking a little too much into Kris Bryant’s temporary absence. Although he and Rizzo batting back to back will be very intimidating for NL Central pitchers. Worst thing about the rainout? The Cardinals are always out in front, get your wins against them early and as often as possible – before they get moving full steam ahead which they will, it always happens.

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