The Angels Are the Devil

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So by now you know the saga of former Cub-for-about-five-minutes-before-he-was-traded Josh Hamilton, who fessed up to a drug relapse this offseason while also rehabbing an injury.  It remains to be seen whether he will get to rejoin the Los Angeles Angels, who are suffering from buyer’s remorse.  The Angels GM, Jerry Dipoto, had already badmouthed Hamilton a bit after the arbitrator ruled that he had not violated policy and thus should not be subject to suspension.  Both Angels owner Arte Moreno and MLB (who obviously works for the owners) expressed displeasure that the arbitrator ruled for Hamilton based on the collectively bargained policy.  Moreno even said he would try to find language or legalese to try to somehow get out from having to honor Hamilton’s contract.  Fortunately for Hamilton, this language does not appear to exist.  Per Ken Rosenthal:

Statement from players’ association on Arte Moreno’s comments tonight:“The MLBPA emphatically denies Los Angeles…

Posted by Ken Rosenthal on Friday, April 10, 2015

There are numerous articles tackling the unfavorable response by Angels management and ownership towards Hamilton, who, if we were being empathic, is suffering from addiction and obviously needs help.  He was good enough to seek help rather than hide and continue down a path of destruction, yet the people in charge who could set up mechanisms to assist him seem to be throwing him under the bus.  In fact, none of this should be public knowledge…

But again, MLB works for ownership and its own interests, not the players.  And despite having the strongest professional athlete union in known existence, having negotiated safeguards to ensure Hamilton gets some kind of help, he will still have to deal with an organization that would love nothing else than to get rid of him and the massive pile of money they’re still responsible for.  It’s sort of like what the New York Yankees are trying to do with Alex Rodriguez, especially when he surpasses Willie Mays‘ home run milestone.  It’s almost like clubs are not thinking clearly when handing out armored trucks full of cash, and then hoping against hope that their assets-turned-liabilities will do something that can allow them to void the contract.  I would consider it even worse than how they currently treat minor league players, but at least Hamilton and Rodriguez have a Heisenberg pile of money to fall back on.

I don’t know what will ultimately happen to Josh Hamilton, but I hope he does get the help he needs.  And I also hope that the Angels pay him what he’s due because they were such pricks about the situation.


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