The Grudge Match Between Theo Epstein and Clark the Cub

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Via the South Bend Cubs.
Via the South Bend Cubs.

I don’t think Chicago Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein ever played professional baseball.  I know general manager Jed Hoyer played at some point in college, but as far as I could tell Theo was just a front office dude (from intern to assistant to GM to Prez).  Anyway, let’s take a look at his appearance at the South Bend Cubs home opener, which they won!

Theo did technically get the ball to the plate on his ceremonial first pitch, but check this out

Look out Clark! Theo’s gunning for you! We could try to brush it off (ha ha) as a slip, but not according to Ken Rosenthal’s intrepid reporting:  

When contacted by Fox Sports, Epstein did not apologize, or say he had poor command, or claim the pitch “just got away from me.”

Nope. Epstein owned it, 19th-century style.

“Clark and I have a love-hate relationship,” Epstein said. “He got a little upset at a prank I pulled a couple of spring trainings ago and has been a little distant since.

“I tried to brush him back — at least move his feet with a two-seamer in off the plate. Which I did. I can’t believe he got out of the way. He moves quickly without pants on.”

Wonder what Clark did wrong to piss off the boss?  The ghost of Old Hoss Radbourn (now on Twitter) seemed to approve, though…


Perhaps Clark won’t crowd the plate as much next time.


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