Saturday Night Cubs Homer Party

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In tonight’s spectacular Cubs victory, the offense finally found their spark.  Yeah, they got lucky with a mediocre starter and it’s at Coors Field, but still, you love seeing the ball smacked all over the place, plus the part where each player continued to put together super-grindy plate appearances.

Then, of course, you have the exciting plays, like these home runs in the third inning by Chris Coghlan and Mike Olt, back to back.  Not to be outdone, Starlin Castro destroyed a ball and was allowed to lazily trot around the bases because nobody was catching that one.

It wasn’t just the big league Cubs doing the damage, either.  Kyle Schwarber got a hold of one for the only runs for Tennessee:


So did this guy named Kris Bryant, which is fortunate because Olt got hurt pretty bad on a hit-by-pitch in the ninth (nah they won’t actually call him up):

It’s startin’ to come together!


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2 Replies to “Saturday Night Cubs Homer Party”

  1. It’d be nice if the Cubs can put together a strong season and make it into the playoffs. At the least, if they can be a solid team above .500 and poised for more improvement into the following season. Anything short of that will be more frustration for Cubs fans.

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