If we are overreacting over small samples, the Cubs are on pace for 91 wins

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The Chicago Cubs are now 9-7, having just defeated the Cincinnati Reds in the series opener at the Great American Ballpark.  They were also wearing some weird-looking throwback uniforms.  I mean, they look okay, but the piping and the wonky font threw me off.  Check it out:

Weird...but sorta cool. (AP Photo/Tom Uhlman)
Weird…but sorta cool. (AP Photo/Tom Uhlman)

It was nice to see Jon Lester finally get a quality start that was quality and not just in name only.  The three runs he gave up were all of the manufactured variety, and he kept the ball in the park.  That gave the Cubs offense plenty of time to force extras and dig into the non-Aroldis Chapman part of the bullpen.  Anthony Rizzo had fun with a ball:

The Cubs are in second place all by themselves and will have to keep at it because the St. Louis Cardinals are busy this weekend wiping the floor with the Milwaukee Brewers, who are abysmal at this point in the season. However, given the Cubs’ current “pace” (disclaimer: baseball is not linear), at 9-7, they are on track to go 91-71, which is obviously a vast improvement over their previous few seasons. But hey, plenty of season to go. We at least get to bask in the glory of a solid team win.


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