Kerry Wood’s Charity Home Run Derby

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The Chicago Cubs outlasted the Pittsburgh Pirates today.  It was a pretty funny game, because I was expecting it to be over by the time school let out with the Cubs being up so much late in the game.  But while I was grading papers, the game went to extras, and I listened to the final inning as I drove home.  The Cubs walked off on a goofball “hit” as I pulled into the parking lot, and I caught up to all the reactions later.

As an aside, I think it’s kind of cool to have two .300/.400/.500 hitters in the lineup at the moment.  It probably won’t last, but it’s fun to think about!

During the game, former Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood was stumping for his charity event, the Battle of the Bats Home Run Derby.  The event is being held on Thursday, June 18, which coincides with a Cubs road trip so Wood will have all of Wrigley Field for himself and the participants.  The proceeds for this event go towards Cubs Charities and the Wood Family Foundation in order to help underserved kids succeed in school and make healthy choices.  It’s a pretty good cause, and it helps that the tiebreaker for advancement in this charity derby is total funds raised, so extra incentive to get tons of donations in the name of good education and good health.

Hope you and your friends can register, raise a ton of money, and have fun hitting little league homers at Wrigley in June!


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