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Ladies and Gentleman of Chicago Cubs nation, your beloved North Siders are riding high on a five game winning streak, and are currently back at their high water point of the season being five games over the .500 mark. They have a record of 20-15 and are currently only four games behind those evil St. Louis Cardinals.  

The Cubs are also currently leading the Wild Card race, with a hold on the first Wild Card position, one game up on the Washington Nationals who have the second Wild Card spot and two games up on the San Diego Padres who are one game out of the second Wild Card spot.

But the question is, what does this mean?

In the long run, with 127 games left in the season, the current standings do not mean a thing. The Cubs holding the Wild Card lead at this present moment in time means jack squat. What matters is where the Cubs stand at the end of the 162 game schedule in early October. Yet, this is still something to look at and enjoy, even if these current standings do not matter.

Let’s take a look at where the Cubs were at this point last year in the regular season standings.


Central W L PCT GB
Milwaukee Brewers 26 15 .634
St. Louis Cardinals 21 20 .512 5.0
Cincinnati Reds 18 21 .462 7.0
Pittsburgh Pirates 17 23 .425 8.5
Chicago Cubs 13 26 .333 12.0


At the end of business May 15, 2014, the Cubs were already 12 games out of first place in their division. For all intents and purposes, the CUbs were already dead in the water at this point last year. Having a 12 game deficit with four teams to overcome is a tall task.

When you look at the Wild Card standings at the same point in time, things were not much better.


Wild Card Teams W L PCT WCGB
Colorado Rockies 23 19 .548 +1.0
Washington Nationals 21 19 .525
Los Angeles Dodgers 22 20 .524
St. Louis Cardinals 21 20 .512 0.5
Miami Marlins 21 21 .500 1.0
San Diego Padres 20 22 .476 2.0
New York Mets 19 21 .475 2.0
Cincinnati Reds 18 21 .462 2.5
Philadelphia Phillies 17 21 .447 3.0
Pittsburgh Pirates 17 23 .425 4.0
Arizona Diamondbacks 16 27 .372 6.5
Chicago Cubs 13 26 .333 7.5

At this point last year, the Cubs were in dead last in the Wild Card hunt, and even though they were only 7.5 games back, they had to jump over 10 teams.

What a difference a year makes, don’t you think?

While we are still very early into the 2015 season, and looking at the standings at this point in time is rather pointless, I do not mind seeing where the Cubs stand every day. Especially since at this point last year (and the past few years to be exact) the Cubs were pretty much already eliminated from contending for anything with all realistic expectations.

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