What About Javy? (UPDATE: Broken finger, hoping for 6-week recovery)

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This may change, of course, but re: one Javier Baez

This is exciting news for everyone who currently hates Jonathan Herrera, and also a nice alternate to the still-getting-back-to-form Arismendy Alcantara.  As you may know from the schedule, the Chicago Cubs do have an off-day after today’s series finale in Washington, DC, before they head to Detroit to take on the Tigers in interleague play.  We are all dreaming of Javy coming back up to do Javy things, with slightly more contact and correspondingly slightly less strikeouts.

At this time, Javy is batting .314/.387/.540, with 8 mostly loud home runs while striking out about a quarter of the time.  This is much better than striking out like 45% of the time or whatever ridiculous number it was last year (spoiler: it was just 41.5% K-rate, so not as bad as I embellished).  He’s also shuttled back and forth between second, shortstop and third, and at this time mostly playing third base recently.  He’s also looked very good defensively at all three positions, which you’d expect from an actual shortstop who gets lots of rave reviews from scouts for his glove work.  So it almost makes sense to call him up (well, him or Alcantara, or maybe even Christian Villanueva, who’s been hitting well in his own right).

Of course, there is that pesky service time issue.  With 55 days of service time in his initial call up last season, Javy needs to accumulate 117 days of service to qualify for one year of service time.  Here’s the math:

It might be a fun homecoming for Javy if that’s what they do.  Right now he’s in Iowa as Tommy Birch reported, with that off-day to fly to Detroit if the front office doesn’t care.  But so close to that cut off, I think they’ll wait it out.  The Cubs are doing okay-ish anyway, and the extra wait might generate more #want and energy from Javy if you believe in that #narrative.  We’ll worry about who they decide to option/release later.

UPDATE 8:00 PM: It doesn’t matter now as it appears Javier Baez suffered a broken finger while sliding into second base

Chicago Cubs prospect Javier Baez will be out up to four to eight weeks with a non-displaced fracture in the ring finger after being injured on a steal attempt in the seventh inning of Triple-A Iowa’s game against Memphis on Sunday.

Here’s what resident injury expert Andy had to say:

Hope for the best while Javy recovers, maybe when the Cubs re-evaluate they’ll have better news, but a fracture probably means he’s out at least a month.

UPDATE 6/8 8:00 PM: We have a conservative timetable:

Best wishes to Javy!


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